About Us

When you’re about to have a meal at a restaurant and the waiter asks the question, “Do you prefer outside or inside?” – which are you more likely to chose? What if it’s raining? Would that affect your decision?

Outdoor Bold is a small group of writers and marketers that prefer the outdoors – all the time, and we like to write about it, talk about it, explore it and share it. That’s what Outdoor Bold is all about.

There is a myriad of outdoor activities available to us, and the term “outdoor living” means very different things to different people. We want to include all of it . . . working outside, playing outside, eating and even living outside. We believe being outside is always best and we’re a bit passionate about that, whether it’s the challenge of climbing a mountain or the simple pleasure of enjoying a drink on your new patio furniture – whether it’s lunch on a high mountain trail or a bbq in your backyard with friends, we love all of it.